The True Cost of Fast Fashion: My Favorite Shoes + a Dream Outfit

Awhile back, Brandon and I watched a documentary on Netflix called The True Cost. This eye-opening film unveils the reality behind the fast fashion industry, as our world has traded inexpensive clothing for the lives of low-wage workers in developing countries. In addition to showcasing the many disastrous accidents that have taken place, such as collapsing buildings killing thousands of workers, The True Cost examines the overall life quality (or lack thereof) these factory workers endure for unfair pay. It also unveils the after-effects of fast fashion, including the many environmental, social and psychological ramifications.

As I have mentioned, I am easily drawn to deals, clearances, and inexpensive prices. But who isn’t? This film truly opened my eyes to a bigger picture than my tunnel vision shows while in a store or shopping online — which mostly includes the buy-one-get-one-free rack.

It made me reevaluate the global impact my clothing purchases can make — both positively and negatively. Because thankfully, there is a conscious and intentional way to buy.

Last Christmas, Brandon bought me my dream shoes. Well, I had only dropped subtle hints about them a dozen times… Plus, we share a bank account. But who’s counting?

Everlane’s Modern Ankle Boot is everything I want in a shoe — durable, simple, sleek, and comfortable. They now only have the Cognac color available, but I have the black ones. I have worn these shoes to the ground, and will have to do some heel repairing soon (you can definitely see the damage). But they have certainly stood the test of time!

While I love this shoe, Everlane’s underlying mission and values are what made me fall in love with the company a few years ago. Their Radical Transparency policy means they are completely transparent about the true cost of every product they make — from materials to labor to transportation — then offer that price, minus the traditional retail markup.

And perhaps more importantly, Everlane maintains an ethical approach to production, building relationships with the finest factories in the world that comply with fair wages, reasonable hours, and a positive environment.

Plus, their quality products are designed to last — like my shoes, for example. They look as good as new, but God knows I’ve dragged them through snow, rocks, sand and mud. Everlane avoids trends and instead focuses on timeless products crafted with the finest materials. I admire the simplicity and sophistication of their pieces; they are perfect candidates for a capsule wardrobe.

In fact, I put together my dream look comprised of Everlane pieces. Maybe I can find $1,000 between my couch cushions…

Shirt: The Slim Silk Shirt — $78

Pants: The Premium Wool Flannel Crop Pant — $88-113

Jacket: The City Anorak — $88

Shoes: The Modern Ankle Boot — $137-176

The range of prices for the pants and boots means those products qualify for Everlane’s unique “Choose What You Pay” program. To move stock on select items that have been overproduced, they give you three price options — giving the company either 10 percent, 20 percent, or 30 percent of the total.

NOTE: This is not an ad or sponsored post by any means. 1) I do not have the following built up yet to merit a brand partnership, and 2) I just genuinely love this company and their products.