An Urban Boho Rooftop Elopement Shoot in Nashville

This summer, Brandon and I were asked to be a part of a styled shoot directed by our friend, Mandy Stickel of Nashville Affair. Mandy orchestrated the concept from start to finish, coming up with the style and theme, deciding which vendors to include, and expressing how she wanted the look to be captured.

The end result is absolutely breathtaking. It has a unique blend of both modern and bohemian — all amidst the busyness and thrill of an urban city (right off Broadway, if you can imagine!). Those stunning fall hues in the floral arrangement are to die for, and I felt like an edgy princess in that modern two-piece dress. And can we talk about that wicker throne? At least that’s what I called it the whole night...

We were thrilled and honored to dress up, pose for the camera, and work with an incredible team that made this magical styled shoot come together from start to finish.

Not only were Brandon and I able to have this unique experience, but we also got to do this together — and I think that’s what made it so special. We had the rare opportunity to reenact a miniature version of our wedding day, and do something so random yet so incredibly fun. The kisses, hugs, smiles and loving glances were all genuine, folks! (Plus, we got a few "congratulations" from people watching at rooftop bars next door, so we just went with it.)

Cody of Jennifer Cody Weddings captured this evening so well, which is evident in the stunning shots she produced. But what you don’t see is her skill behind the camera while on site, as she does an impeccable job of directing, making you feel comfortable, and keeping things light and laid-back. Nashvillians — I’m telling you, Cody is your girl for your next photo shoot.

I could go on and on about each person involved with the shoot, but instead, take a look at the finished product and check out the individual vendors who made it all possible.