All About the MistoBox Coffee Subscription + a Discount Code

There’s only one thing better than getting quality coffee beans on a regular basis — getting quality coffee beans on a regular basis delivered to your door. I have been looking for a coffee subscription service for quite some time, did lots of research to compare prices and perks, and eventually settled on MistoBox. You may remember these young entrepreneurs from Shark Tank (one of my favorite shows). I chose MistoBox because I loved the idea of trying different roasters and types of coffee from all over. While I have my favorite roasters and could certainly commit to their coffees, it seemed more fun to receive a box in the mail with a mystery roaster. How exciting!

Better yet, each bag of coffee is roasted to order from over 50 of the country’s best roasters. You even get your own MistoBox curator (mine is Seth!), who works with you to make sure each shipment is up to your standards. You can give feedback about each coffee, explain what you did or didn’t like, to ensure the coffees are catered to your tastes and preferences. You can even explain how you plan to brew your coffee, which helps your curator determine the best coffees for you. Their coffee subscription service is unlike any other!

We got our first box this past week, and I could not be more pleased with the entire process — and of course, the beans themselves.


With MistoBox, you have the opportunity to completely customize your subscription. You start out by taking a short “quiz” to determine, first of all, if this is for you or you are gifting the subscription to someone else (more on the gifting process later!). You choose your preferred roast level, including light, medium, dark, or not sure. You then choose the type of coffee you want, including single origin, espresso, blends, or not sure. Then you specify how often you want to receive a shipment, which will always contain one 12-ounce bag of coffee beans. Each frequency has an estimate for how much coffee you drink per week (example: every week is good if you drink 24 cups per week, and that can of course include multiple coffee drinkers). You can then specify the “basic” or “deluxe” tier, the latter of which of course costs a little more.

The very last step is deciding whether you want to pay per coffee, or opt for the six-coffee or 12-coffee plan instead. Of course, you save some money with the more long-term plans, so that’s what I did!


I chose a light roast, blends, and that I wanted to receive a shipment every two weeks. I chose the deluxe tier because I like my high-quality coffee. However, I opted for blends instead of single origin, just because I wanted to save a little money! And having “deluxe” blends seems like a suitable combo. I picked the six-coffee plan to save 10 percent, so my grand total per shipment ended up being $18.46, as there is a $5 shipping fee per box (included in that $18.46 total). And honestly, that is not ridiculous, since I spend more than $18 on coffee during a two-week period.

My first box was a house blend from Intelligentsia, one of my favorite roasters in the country. However, I haven’t tried their coffee in years (since I was at their shop in LA), and I have certainly missed it. The flavor notes are chocolate, orange and balanced, which is extremely accurate. I made this in my Chemex and was so impressed with the quality of this coffee.


MistoBox makes for an excellent gift for the coffee lover/connoisseur in your life. In fact, I (subtly) suggested this as a gift idea to Brandon for my birthday coming up, but just couldn’t wait until March 19 to start receiving my coffee on demand. You can choose the gift option, so the lucky recipient may choose the roast and types of coffee they prefer to personalize their subscription. All you have to do is choose the length of the subscription — for one, three, six or 12 months.

Whether you’re giving MistoBox as a gift, or using this as an opportunity to #TreatYoSelf, use my referral code (Y1Z7) to get $10 off your purchase! You can even just do a short-term subscription to see if this is for you, then extend it at any point. Plus, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any point!

Let me know if you have any questions about the MistoBox process. I am happy to help you get set up or give more detailed information! Simply comment below or shoot me an email.