Refocus: The Direction Co Violet Is (Naturally) Taking

When I started this blog back in October, I had little (if any) idea of what direction I would take it. In fact, my first post was pretty clear that I had no idea what I was doing. And a few months and a handful of blog posts later, I have a much better understanding of where I want to take this.

As you probably can tell, I am extremely passionate about minimalism. It is something that makes so much sense to me. In a world of over-consumption, anxiety, chaos and abundance, living simply feels so refreshing and quite frankly — smart. I have written about the subject on here in a few different ways, from a post about slow fashion to a tour of our apartment. All the while, I have tried to be transparent about the difficulties we face during this process — and believe me, it is a process.

More importantly than what I’m experiencing in my little world, I am incredibly passionate about helping others with their personal journey in minimalism. I have been so encouraged by any responses to the things I’ve written on minimalism. Most recently, when we went to our college town during Easter weekend, I had about five people mention how much they enjoyed reading my blog. I know that is small, but I was seriously blown away and thrilled that people are genuinely finding value in the things I have to say. I feel a responsibility and a “calling” (for lack of a better term) to continue talking about minimalism and fostering a dialogue on the subject for others to engage with. Like I’ve said, this is something I am learning and implementing right alongside you guys.

With this new focus and direction for Co Violet, I wanted to take a moment to outline the various things you can expect from me moving forward. This is also to help keep me in check down the road. But as is life, this blog will be a fluid evolution as I change and grow, so things may very well be different in the future! At this point, you can expect to find the following on the blog and social media:

1) I will place an emphasis on things that are not material.

In short, minimalism is about focusing on things that bring value and to me, that means my relationships with people and God, meaningful experiences, lessons I’ve learned, the joys I have and the struggles I go through. But it also means a good cup of coffee, practicing yoga, high-quality brands I love, a good book, a bouquet of pretty flowers, and other more “trivial” things. Minimalism is not about deprivation and elimination, it’s about a shift in focus and adding value back into our lives. So yes, to me, that means all the coffee and all the Bible verses.

2) I hope to solely promote high-quality brands.

I will focus on high-quality products, whether I’m talking about clothing, home decor (gah, that one’s hard for is so expensive, y’all), and various accessories and miscellaneous items. While I will not be perfect at this, I hope to be an example for slow living with the brands that I promote, whether it’s paid or unpaid. If the opportunity for a brand partnership presents itself to me, I will be very intentional while deciding whether or not to proceed. Keeping my blog free of unnecessary things is vital to me. Thankfully, I’ve only promoted a few brands (on my own accord) and they are all brands I stand behind wholeheartedly. On the other hand, while I will happily promote the brands I’m passionate about, my readers and followers should never feel obligated to buy anything. Me becoming a walking billboard would certainly counteract the philosophy of minimalism.

3) I want to add value with each post I make.

I want my posts to add value, whether it’s on social media or on the blog, rather than add noise to this already loud space. I hope my posts can be a source of encouragement and positivity instead of additional clutter and a pile of meaningless words and emojis. For this, I look to The Minimalists, who took the month of January off of social media then returned with an established set of guidelines, if you will, for how they would approach social media in the remainder of 2018. I was so inspired by their thoughts — particularly when it comes to value. “We’ll post to social media only when it will add value for others. Before we publish to any platform, we must be able to affirmatively answer one question: Does this add value? If not, then delete.”

4) I will be honest and transparent as I endure this shift in thinking.

I’m sure I will make mistakes but I hope we can create a community together that is accepting, forgiving and encouraging. I want to be a flawed and imperfect trailblazer for a minimal lifestyle — not some guru or master of any kind. I think that will make this all that much more attainable and relatable anyway!

5) I invite you into the dialogue — yes, you!

More than anything, I want to make this a space where we can openly discuss minimalism (and whatever other subjects arise) in a two-way conversation. As I’ve mentioned, I am very much in process with this whole thing, but I think that’s the beauty of it all. That I’m not sitting here having figured out some magic formula. I am slowly but surely trying to align myself and my lifestyle with the truths and values I have established. One cannot go from zero to 100 overnight, so I’m honored that you all give me the time of day when I’m very much at a solid 72 in this regard.


I’m excited to go down this road with you all!

Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog to stay up-to-date on any new blog posts down the road. And let me know your thoughts on this shift in focus on the comments below or by shooting me an email. I cannot express how much your involvement means to me! It’s why I’m doing this, after all.