Let's Do This: The First Post

The first blog post. What a daunting thought.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for years and years, and today, I finally stopped making excuses like, “I’ll do it next weekend.” (That’s what I say all too often — about washing the car, or setting up a grooming appointment for our dog. The latter of which I did today, thank you very much!)

My dad has written several books over the years, which ignited my love for writing at a young age. I journaled about [whatever a 10-year-old journals about], wrote fictional stories, and lit up whenever I had a creative writing assignment in elementary school. I continued to write in high school (only when I had to), learned about AP Style in college, and spent the years since writing about nearly every subject known to man — from pumpkin patches to hygge, and wine cellars to summer festivals. There is something both organized and free-spirited about writing (and that describes me pretty well, too). The process of writing has structure, grammatical parameters, and a certain necessary rhythm to succeed. Yet, thank God — there is not just one right way to write something, it requires a creative mind, and each person possesses their own distinctive literary style. (To further prove my point, I rewrote that last sentence approximately five times.)

So, just in case I don’t already get enough screen time or writing experience during my work week (Spoiler Alert: I do), I will be putting my thoughts to keyboard — on the subjects of health, design, style, beauty, music, spirituality, fashion, travel, and whatever else comes of this. Who knows what will come of this? My life has been quite unpredictable up until this point. But more on that later!

Follow along with me as I figure out why the heck I started a blog.